She lives in their dreams,they die in hers:

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how the fuck am i supposed to make life decisions i’m not even sure i want to be alive

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do not bully superwholocks because they will make you die from secondhand embarassment

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man imagine the elven inquisitor going to visit the lavellan clan and they find out about the inquisitor’s LI and the Keeper just gRILLS THEM FOR LIKE THREE HOURS LIKE “you’RE NOT GONNA HURT OUR BBY ARE YOU ??”

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A version for tumblr that can be read without opening a new tab, since plenty of people would scroll past this story otherwise.

The bravest woman on Earth.

I love her. Forever reblog.

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the aftermath of the inquisitors death at skyhold heacanons because i’m still sick and i’m trash:

• cullen shuffling around the hallways with a blank look on his face, his hair unkempt; the confident glint in his eyes, gone.

• josephine writing letters to the inquisitor, letters that are never sent, never seen and never read. they pile up on her table.

• sera, discovering something new while out in the woods, whirling around to show the inquisitor her find and then remembers that they are gone, and the smile fades from her mouth.

• cole, feeling as distant as ever before, sitting on the turrets of skyhold wishing the inquisitor was still here, because they grounded him to this world, they made him feel like a real human

• iron bull, darker and more sullen, sitting by himself, the laughter drained out of him. he misses the inquisitor joking about vulgar things, sharing a drink. sometimes he sees their laughing face in the opposite chair, which quickly fades away. he feels like he’s going mad.

• leliana hardly speaks, tight-lipped, and is rarely seen. she spends most of her time perched on a window sill, watching the birds, and wishing she could just vanish.

• vivienne missing the loud laughter and annoying comments of the inquisitor, missing they’re presence. skyhold is just too quiet without them.

• blackwall, thinking he should have died first; the inquisitor was supposed to see him off on his calling not the other way around-

• solas. wanting to sleep forever, where dreams are better than this reality.

• dorian, staring at his hands, wondering if he could have saved the inquisitor if he had been quick enough he could have done it

• cassandra pentaghast, as tough as she is, breaks down one night, sitting alone in her rooms, blaming herself for the inquisitors death. she could have protected them.

• and varric, who decides to honour the inquisitor, writes their tale, to make sure they are never, ever, forgotten.
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A Varric and Cassandra grumpy friendship appreciation post

A Varric and Cassandra grumpy friendship appreciation post

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i love bioware…. the way they just [clenches fist] kill all my favorite characters

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You’ve earned it, Margaret.

Original comic by Jim Benton

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