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Reblog if you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, transgender or a supporter.




This should be reblogged by everyone. Even if you’re straight, you should be a supporter.

Supporter :)

yay lesbians

also: aromantic, biromantic, homoromantic, panromantic, non-binary, etc.

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I think that even harry doesnt know what a cappucino is

I mean, the reason is pretty depressing. Hermione’s had a muggle upbringing, Ron’s had a wizard upbringing, Harry’s had neither.

What a great way to start my morning

With a cappuccino and a broken heart

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reblog if you LIKE video games, if you LOVE video games, or if you have ALIENATED everyone you KNOW because you REFUSE to talk about ANYTHING ELSE

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I still don’t find channing tatum attractive

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My cat is having a hard time accepting he’s no longer our only baby


My cat is having a hard time accepting he’s no longer our only baby

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I’ll say this now


If people reduce Dorian to Sassy Gay Friend I will be incredibly upset.

If people reduce Vivienne to Sassy Black Lady Friend I will be upset.

They are people, not your Inquisitor’s comedic accessories. 

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Anyone who uses the white Isabela mod is racist. Period.


Anyone who uses the white Isabela mod is racist. Period.

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Charda Gregory abducted, humiliated, violated, restrained, scalped and tortured. 
If this were reversed, with black police officers who were sworn to uphold peace and justice but instead were documented victimizing a white woman (who was already a victim), this news would have trumped the Olympics!

Truncated version: drugged at a party, abducted to a motel, wakes up during unwanted sexual violation in a motel room full of strangers, fights like hell to escape, motel employee calls the authorities, she gets arrested for destroying motel property and it just gets worst from there. 

Every officer who participated in it and even those who witnessed it and did nothing should be punished but instead they just fired the woman?
No rape kit, no police report on the people inside the motel room, no investigation of her claims, no accountability for missing motel entry records, no video from the motel but she gets detained for fourteen days?

(Btw, when did your tax dollars begin purchasing Abu Ghraib type water boarding chairs?)

I get angrier and angrier everyday when I see things like this.

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Mass UFO Sightings Over Houston

Reports of UFO sightings all over Houston, Texas took the social media by storm a few nights ago with pictures if a circular UFO popping up all over Twitter.

People from all over the city of Houston were posting pictures of a circular UFO that seemed to be following a thunderstorm going through the area.

One witness captured a short video of the UFO.

Watch the video here!


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Save the viking goats!!!

Johanna Thorvaldsdóttir’s Icelandic goat farm (Háafell) is facing foreclosure in September, resulting in the entire goat flock being butchered - unless enough funds are raised to save it!

There are less than 820 Icelandic goats in the entire world - they are an endangered species. Almost half of them will be lost if this farm is not saved. I visited Háafell 2 years ago and every goat I draw is rooted in this place. Any little bit helps :)

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